Personal Trainer   Program

PFTA-Austin Certified Personal Trainer |  PFTA-Austin Sports Nutrition Specialist |  NCSF Personal Trainer Certification

We have partnered up with the National Certification NCSF to be able to take our Certified Personal Trainer Program to the next level. We have taken the National certification from online and brought it to the classroom/gym setting. We go through each section in detail, putting it into a practical setting. 

Tuesday/Thursday class goes to the gym every Thursday or we set up in the studio for practical work. Taking the material we learned on Tuesday (in the book or power-points) and apply it in a physical setting. The key to our program is, we believe that although many people have taken the national certification online and passed, they usually have no idea what to do after that. 

The goal with taking the online material and putting it into a practical setting is that the students actually learn what the material means, learn how to create an effective/safe program, and learn the assessment process or protocols of starting with a new client. Because let's face it, putting a brand new client through a cool workout the first time you meet them, might still entice the client to buy your training, but it doesn’t help either of you figure out goals and proper programming moving forward. 

The Program Includes:

  • 12 Week Program, T/Th

  • 15 Week Program, Wednesdays

  • NCSF National Test Voucher

  • PFTA-Austin Nutrition Certification

  • NCSF Online Portal

  • NCSF Text Book and Lab Manual