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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a High School Diploma or GED to enroll?

Do you have to be CPR certified to take the national test?

Do you have hands on training?

Yes! We have 30-35 hours of hands on training in a local gym. We also like to visit other local gyms to see the variety of gyms out there.

Are the hands on and classroom portions of the course in separate places?

Yes, however most days will be spent at either the classroom or gym location. There are only a few classes that will travel between locations.

The classroom portion of the course is held at:

PFTA Austin

8500 Shoal Creek Blvd #2-H

Austin, Tx 78757

The hands on portion is held at:

Gym One

2545 Brockton Dr #300

Austin, Tx 78758

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. We offer a few payment options.

We also offer First Responder/Police/Military Discount.

You do not have to have a GED or High School diploma to start the PFTA Austin NCSF course but you DO have to one to take your NCSF national test. 

Yes. We provide information on classes and times.

Can I work out at Gym One outside of class?


In fact we encourage it. 

Included in your tuition is a Membership to Gym One. We also encourage the students to set up work outs, boot camps and programs with each other outside of class. the more time spent interacting in the gym and observing other trainers and training styles is key to success after you pass the test.

How long does the NCSF certification last?

The NCSF National Certification lasts 2 years. Then you will be required to take CEU classes to renew your certification.

Your PFTA-Austin Certification does not expire.

What are CEUs?

Continuing Education Units.  10 CEU are required to renew you National Certification.

What happens if I miss a day?

You will be given all of the information you need when you start class as well as a class syllabus. It will be up to you to go over any information you are absent for. If you are having trouble getting caught up you can request a study group if one is not scheduled. 

Do you offer other certifications or workshops?

Yes. We offer a variety of workshops and certifications. Please check the calendar or events page for more information.

Have  more questions... Call 512-571-8433

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