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Functional Movements

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

If you saw our previous youtube video “How-To: Do a Proper Deadlift” we mention the term Functional Movement. Functional movement encompasses natural movements our bodies do everyday without a thought, such as: picking up something from the ground, walking, sitting, standing, getting up from a seated position, etc. Once we recognize the muscle and joint movements activated during these actions, we can work to strengthen and stabilize these zones.

You may be thinking “Why does this even matter? I pick up things off the ground with ease.” That may be the case now, but as we age, our muscle memory depletes and we begin to lose range of motion we once had. Ever heard the term, “If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it”? This is true in the case of movement. Focusing on the movements we do everyday can help protect us from enduring an injury or joint discomfort. We become so lazy with our daily routines of going to work, school, watching tv; we forget that our body is making necessary actions for us to carry on throughout the day.

Learning functional movements in the gym can help keep us from getting injured; whether the injury happens acutely or chronically. Learning the proper movement with each exercise can help us efficiently build muscle by hitting the correct muscles while working out. We can also lift more while working out, if we learn the correct functional movement, which includes; leverage points and stabilizers. To find out more about stabilizers and leverage points, check out our new Deadlift video on youtube!

We start out so functionally able, but we will naturally learn bad habits and incorrect movements as we grow; from our family, friends and people around us. In thus case it’s important for a trainer to learn how to teach certain functional movements without completely changing the clients habits they have learned. Instead, try to incorporate efficient movements and stacking our joints correctly through certain actions. While intertwining the way they move already. This is important because, we are not robots, we will always revert to our natural way of moving, so if we incorporate new movements with old ones, our mind and body will begin to naturally move the most efficient way possible without risk of injury.

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