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Hey! I'm Justin Wecker!

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

A Little Bit About Me

Hey! Glad you are here! I’m Justin Wecker, Owner and Instructor of PFTA-Austin Personal Trainer Academy. A little bit about me, my wife and I have been married for 8 years now! I am a father to a 4 year old, who is full of energy! I am originally from New Hampshire, I moved to Florida when I was nine years old. And eventually I landed in Austin, Texas in 2011 and have lived here since. Also a fun fact, I am very organized under all this crazy!

What Started My Fitness Journey?

My interest in the fitness/health industry began when I was 14 years old. A friend and I were in a jet-ski accident resulting in me breaking my femur bone. After the doctor inserted a titanium rod and 4 bolts, they were able to save my leg, but there was still a long road ahead. That experience really taught me to not take my health and overall ability to function for granted.

I joined the navy right out of high school, where I learned discipline and structure. After leaving the navy in 2003 I went on to get certified through the EMT program and even considering the fire academy. However I quickly discovered that I wanted to help people learn to take care of themselves.

Becoming The Owner of PFTA

These experiences led me to fitness, an industry I have become very passionate about. Since getting certified through PFTA in 2012, I have held many Fitness positions such as Personal Trainer, Fitness Manager, Group Class Instructor, Small Business Owner, Personal Training Instructor for PFTA, Powerlifting Coach and of course my newest venture of taking over PFTA Personal Trainer School-Austin in November 2018.

I pride myself on fitness education, and that is why PFTA’s motto is:

"Creating Successful Personal Trainers Through Classroom and Gym Training".

I pour my life into fitness every day because I feel like there is a lag in the education of personal trainers. That is why PFTA Personal Trainer Programs provide extensive hands on training at the gym and a well-structured curriculum that allows our students to gain real time experience in the fitness industry. I have loved being the owner of PFTA and having the opportunity to instruct the next generation of Personal Trainers!

If you have any questions about PFTA Trainer Programs please feel free to email us at

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